The Sun Is Shining Again on Sea Trail

After the past few days, it was good to see the sun shining again at Sea Trail. The National Weather Service reported that Sunset Beach received 19 inches of rain-the highest amount of rainfall in North Carolina-as a result of the low pressure system that lingered over the coast for several days.

Overall, the golf courses survived the storm well and all three are open for golf play. There are a few sink holes in some areas, and our maintenance crews are evaluating and prioritizing those for repair according to the severity of the situation.

Right now, the area of concern is with Oyster Pointe Drive which was severely compromised. A contractor has been retained to repair the area. They are expected to begin repairs over the next couple of days. We will keep those in this area updated as best we can.

Looks like a chance of rain for the weekend, then sunny skies starting on Tuesday. Be sure to check our blog for more information on happenings at Sea Trail Resort. We hope you have a safe and happy weekend.


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